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A few weeks ago, I installed Tweet Deck on my computer. I search for fellow bloggers and social media fans and just interesting people in general. I have an ongoing search for Lausanne and Valais. One morning I see a tweet flutter by: “On to Lausanne by train today…”

I wonder who is arriving in Lausanne.  I follow the link to a blog. She is Lara Camozzo and has recently started a food / vacation blog over at

I reply to her tweet: @LaraBethC, what are you doing in Lausanne? I also left a comment on her blog. I don’t want to miss connecting with a fellow blogger and foodie.

Later in the day, I get an email reply:

Hi Jen,

Thanks for getting in touch! What a small world!
I’ve just wandered around the city today with my Mom who is visiting me for a short time. We only have 24 hrs in Lausanne, and haven’t planned much. After a late lunch, we’re not quite ready for dinner. What did you have in mind?

A few emails back and forth, we decide to meet for a drink. She tells me they are at Cafe de Milan down by the train station and I tell her I have short red hair and I’ll be wearing a very Canadian-looking green down vest.

Lara came to Italy in August for a cooking course. She’d made some big life decisions and is now working  her way to her life dream. She’d met her Mum in Paris (her mum had brought over her winter clothes) and they were travelling back to Italy.

We talked about travelling, and food, and wine, and of course blogging. She wants to write for Food and Wine Magazine.  We talked about old media and new media and the benefits of having your own website vs. a traditional column. And this conversation coupled with some probing questions from a few of my current readers sparked me to start blogging again. Thanks for push!

So now, I’d just like to introduce you to Lara Beth Camozzo. You can follow her blog over at Let her know what you think of her travels.

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