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Last year in review

Well. Sometime in January, I usually look at what I did last year,  and I make a game plan for the next year. I have a few friends who do this on their birthdays. I have another friend who does this at New Year. I like to take the entire month of January and reflect. What’s the hurry?

Here are some stats from last year:

  • 79 blog entries on
  • 95 posts on (revising and relaunching in 2009)
  • 26 posts on (revising and relaunching in 2009).
  • GB jr has travelled to Whitehorse, Cambodia, Vietnam, Toronto, Healdsburg, Alaska, Thailand, North West Territories, BC, Peru, Bolivia (oh wait, that’s 2009).
  • I haven’t been anywhere.
  • Mr. Pineapple Head travelled to Whitehorse, Whistler, and well…that’s all. He might be a W-only sort of traveller.
  • got a visual makeover.
  • launched (two friends launching a triathlon training team). Just created a venue for them to launch their team virtually (more to come in 2009).
  • launched (another friend who needed to reduce his email overhead).
  • launched (friend who wanted to launch a blog. Am pretty proud of this friend. He started with minimal web skills. By the end of the year, he’d been diligent enough about his blog entries and learning new skills, we updated his original site and incorporated some simple RSS strategies into his online presence.)
  • (a work-in-progress. I don’t create websites, I help people gain the skills to create content and manage their own sites…more to come on this site in 2009).
  • A private site (but worthy to mention since it happened in 72 hours).
  • A site for a real estate agent that didn’t go anywhere.
  • A communications contract (, not only technical writing, but also integrated some SEO concepts into the site. I asked the marketing director later in the year if our efforts paid off. She said: Definitely! Worth the effort!
  • A web content contract (working on a new intranet at HR has to deploy their services world-wide).
  • Started yet another friend blogging at the HealdsburgRanchHand.
  • The Healdsburg Map Project
  • (Helped the Bacagalupi twins start a blog about their family wine label and now we’re working on updating–an ongoing consulting project. Stay tuned for their website makeover).

And in my spare time:

  • Old friends
  • New friends
  • New neighbours
  • A nonagenarian computer student
  • An old flame
  • A quick flame (three weeks I think)
  • A “trying things on for size” flame (obviously it didn’t work out, but it still burned when he dumped me)
  • A “Holy shit. How did I end up here? Again? ” a denial that anything is actually happening
  • Skype video with my parents
  • Skype video my sisters
  • Endless conversations in the Skype
  • Facebook exploded this summer and got most everybody on the social media bandwagon (now you have to start building your communities of real interest folks!)
  • Twitter changed the way we communicate (a whole lot of white noise and self-promotion–but that’s just my opinion)–and yes, I have a twitter account, but I’m trying to figure out how to make it more useful. To integrate it into existing online presences and finding a specific use for all of that white noise.
  • Started trail running in September
  • Ran 15 miles sometime in November
  • Ran 17 kms sometime in December
  • Ran 30 kms a week later

Goals for 2009:

  • Focus
  • Make healthy decisions

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  1. That’s one hell of a year for anyone! Not only did you get launched, but you were able to integrate with flickr and Facebook, coaching around tagging and categories (no matter how slow some people are 🙂 ) and … develop a SEO strategy that has doubled web visitors in the past months. Plus, you helped develop my on-line “voice” which is an even more difficult task than the technical part. Thank you.

    And … it’s no small feat to be able to run 30k in a relatively short period under race conditions!

    (signed) someone who had and still has minimal web skills – ha!