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The state of the union (and the iPhone too)

First things first. I can feel a collective sigh of relief from the elections. Back to business as usual. Not to mention that it is good to be part of positive history for once: as in remembering where you were when Obama was elected President of the United States (as opposed to where you where when you heard about 9/11, or when they announce your country is at war). And as my friend Carol put it: “It’s about time there is a black family in the white house.” Then she giggled and said: “Oh my god. It even felt good to say that.”

Go Obama!

And our smart train (between Larkspur and Cloverdale) is also approved. YEAH!!!! Community transport. About time we get with the program. I’m hoping they put in one of those fast TGVs from France. 45 minutes to San Fran. I move with that.

All good things take time I guess.

And now, on another note (quite literally) my geek friend just called:

I answer: “Hello.” I’m tired from trying to get too many things done today.

“I just called to tell you about the freakiest iPod application.” (I miss working with geeks sometimes, they are so geeky). He’s excited and I’m tired. I get up to make myself a cup of tea.

“I was in my cube and I hear some flute music coming over from Frankie’s cube. But it doesn’t sound like his normal flute music…it’s got a bit of a different tone.” (Frankie is a former colleague who plays musical instruments — like wooden flutes — on his breaks.) “So I go over to investigate.”

Apparently, Frankie’s got this application on his iPhone. He’s one of a hundred or so who is in the beta testing. He can blow on the phone…and move his fingers on keys on the screen, and the phone plays his flute music. Like a flute–but it’s the iPhone.

Now, that’s pretty cool. He can blow on his phone and it plays his music, like he was playing one of his wooden flutes. Kinda geeky–and cool at the same time.

BUT. BUT. That’s not the coolest bit. The coolest bit is that he can look at a map OF WHERE ALL THE OTHER iPHONE flute players are CURRENTLY BLOWING ON THEIR iPHONE FLUTES…and he can touch ANY ONE OF THOSE dots on the map and now his phone WILL PLAY the other person’s music.

SO…he’s streaming somebody else who’s blowing on their iPhone.

Did you get that? Somewhere else in the world, there is another person blowing on their iPhone, and Frankie can see this AND HE CAN PLAY their notes from his iPhone.

My friend wondered if you could play more than one other person’s music, like a symphony of flute players.

I wonder if you can duet?

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  1. I was walking through the lobby today and heard the flute music first … Frankie is always playing different international flute instruments so I was wondering what he was playing. I walked past him and saw an iPhone in his mouth that he was apparently blowing into – how freaky and how cool … then I read this post and it all makes sense!