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I talked to the Friend in Yellowknife today. She said: “YukonJen is slacking.” Pressure. Pressure. So, here is a little update.

My friend Ron from Vancouver called today and asked if I’d heard the latest R3-30 podcast yet. (Go to and search the site for: The R3-30: Week Ending September 25, 2008.) They were saluting the BANJO! I’d told him earlier this summer that I was collecting new banjo music and he’s been keeping his ear out. (The banjo blog list is yet to come.)

Actually, earlier this year–or maybe even late last year I heard the 2007 Bucky Awards and Indestructible Sam by Buck 65. And ever since then, I’ve been seeking out new, cool banjo music. Somehow–maybe last week or so, we were talking about how I’m looking for new banjo music and he told me about Old Man Luedecke. Then he told me to look up the JOY OF COOKING. And I promptly added it to my Radio 3 playlist and embedded my playlist on my blog. I’ll change it up when I have some time. But right now…don’t you just love it?

Also talked girl talk to the Friend today. SO MUCH girl talk that I can’t possibly publish it on my blog. But it was a fairly interesting conversation. It could have been fodder for a few episodes of Sex and the City. She’s been travelling lately and back in the bush so we just caught up. One thing we talked about was how we’re attracted to people who we admire for things we don’t have. She’s attracted to this one person I think, because he can open a bottle of beer with a screwdriver. (Well–there’s way more to it than that, but the subject of man-li-ness came up and we talked about that for awhile).

And I figured that I was attracted to a guy this summer for his vocabulary in wine (and jazz, and music, and movies, and life). And even though I have a vocabulary in jazz and music and life, I don’t really have a vocabulary in wine–and maybe that was my main attraction. But, honestly, there was chemistry–at least for me (and that’s a pretty rare phenomenon) so–I don’t know what to say about that other than: Next!

And the subject of butts came up. And I just admitted it out loud….I like butts. I’m not fond the look of my butt right now (so I’m working on it), but (pun intended), at least I admitted it out loud (both that I like them and I’m working on mine). I notice butts. I notice people butts. And car butts. And–well. I guess I just like butts . And I told her about one of my most memorable butts (on a former colleague from Turin). And I got lost in the memory for a bit.


Talked to my parents today. My Mum locked herself out of the house last Thursday AND TRIED TO GET BACK IN BY CLIMBING THROUGH A WINDOW!!!!!!!!! My god! My Mum is going to be 69 next week. I asked her: What were you thinking? She replied, “I wasn’t.” And now I know where I get my doing-things-without-thinking trait from (dare I mention my siphoning spiders incident or hand-sanitizer catastrophe).

She got back in, but ended up flat on her back on the floor. She said she laid there for a few minutes, then got up, lay in bed for a bit. Then got up and sat in the chair. Then got up and started hauling buckets out to the greenhouse again. And that’s how my Dad found her…hauling buckets or something out in the greenhouse.

GOOD GOD MOTHER!!! I’m going to have to come up there and …. I don’t know….give you some thinking lessons or something (although, unfortunately, I’m not sure I can help you there).

I’m also tired of being so disorganized all of the time. And being stretched so thin doing too many things. I bought myself a wee white board that I can write some daily priorities on and cross them off when I finish them (I already crossed off two things!)

I also bought myself a fashionable Franklin/Covey-file-o-fax-purse-like-thingie with a starter workshop in organization. And I’m feeling pretty good about that. Planning out the week and planning out my days–so I actually feel like I’m making conscious decisions to prioritize things and get them done–but mainly prioritized.

If I learned anything at all from my cousin Nik (now Dr. Nicole Fox) is plan it and it will happen!. So, I’m off to start planning my week. Good job I got the file-o-fax thingie. I need to take my computer in. It’s slacking and causing me some grief. And I figure before it actually causes me irreversible grief (loosing all of my data) I’d better take it in where it can get some proper lovin’.

Fawn and Michael, I read your updates on Jade and my heart goes out you, and after reading them, to my other friends Ann and Ante too.

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  1. Holy crud. I had other other music going and this this banjo starts playing and I couldn’t figure it out!!!

    But it is fricken awesome!!! Soooo can you give me idiot proof instructions about how to get his for myself?? What is the radio3 thingy you have going on over there??

    I love banjo music!!!!

  2. i on the other hand find this banjo stuff drives me up the wall. and it is kinda really maddening when it cuts out my big band music every time I visit this site.

    just so you know.

    love you tho!!

  3. Ok. Ok. It’s gone. IT IS HOWEVER…my site. But personally, I too find music that automatically starts annoying. A viewer should at least have the choice.

    Maybe I’ll start embedding the songs…or parts of the songs as my ongoing playlists.

    I’ll have to figure something out.