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Why I love the internet #2

My mum and I are upstairs. I’m working on my websites, Mum is writing out Christmas cards. 

My dad walks upstairs: “Dorothy, if I wanted to look this thing up on the internet, how do I do that?” 

I am in my bedroom, but my ears perk up. I wonder if he wants to research his arthritis medication I’ve been wanting him to learn more about. 

My mum looks at the tube of paint he’s holding out and replies: “You’d just type ‘artisanal paint” in the Google bar.” 

She walks over to the computer to show him. My dad sits down at the computer, places the cursor in the Google search field, then hunts and pecks to find the letter keys. 

He finds the paint site. He finds the paint he is missing from his painting palette. He marks it all down on a piece of paper.

My dad will be 70 in January and didn’t use a computer until fairly recently. I am really proud. 

Now we just have to teach him to point-click-buy. 🙂

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