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You know you are a Yukoner when…

Tonight I was playing Canasta with my parents. I laughed and said: “You know you are a Yukoner when you know what hand and foot Canasta is.”

How would you finish this sentence: “You know you are a Yukoner when: …”

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  1. So this might be a little out of date as I haven’t lived in the Yukon for almost 30 years and I was a kid then. I live in Ontario now. But, if memory serves:

    You know you’re a Yukoner when:
    – you consider shotguns on a wall socially acceptable and even arty as long as they are unloaded
    – you have a taxidermied black bear rug hanging in your living room (like my family did for like freakin’ 10+ years!)
    – you consider it normal to find rifle casings in pant pockets before putting them in the washing machine
    – moose meat is not really a delicacy but a way of life
    – your kids ALWAYS sport snowsuits under their Hallowe’en costumes. (We don’t here in Ontario.. My kids wear sweaters).
    – antlers! Antlers on houses! Antlers on camper vans…need I say more?
    – you buy the most basic items using catalogs. Frilly stuff is either from “away” or made lovingly by mom
    – fierce animals roam your ‘hoods at night and it doesn’t make front page news
    – going outside for recess means playing in a really big space with real ground (not asphalt) under your feet.
    – your neighbour can’t go biking – she says she’s growing the hair on her legs for the Sourdough Rendezvous (true story – not kidding!)
    – Sprucebog means something.

  2. Rain! Those are some good ones.

    I will add: moose, elk, caribou, bear, and bison are not delicacies, but a way of life.
    I know a few people with the bear skin. And no, it’s not sexy. It’s gross.
    I think there is a reduction in the antler trend.
    There are a few more shopping choices here in Whitehorse, Canadian Tire is the most notable.
    Sprucebog just happened.
    Why can’t you bike with hairy legs?