Labels and egos

I started to have a conversation yesterday about egos–about labels and egos specifically. But I wasn’t as articulate as I would liked to have been. And I probably should have thought about it before I said it because I think the person I was talking to got a wee bit defensive about his industry (the wine industry) and because his name is on a label.

Today, I guess I just wanted to point out that I am not excluded from my comment on egos (which was something like: there is a lot of ego out there). And, I definitely shouldn’t limit my comment to the wine industry.

I have this website: How egotistical is that? (Not to mention another one of projects :…)

IN MY DEFENSE….this website was a gift from a friend who very quickly figured out I was struggling to find a way to express myself.

I am pretty grateful to that friend (Waitman of because I discovered blogging and expressing myself with words, and pictures, and other media. And just finding my voice and a place where I wouldn’t stutter.

And a few long lost friends have found me through my website (my long-time girlfriend in Yellowknife, Ron Eichler of Vancouver fame). And I have found a few friends through my website (Urban Yukon, I do read your blogs. And they help a whole lot when I am missing the Yukon). I stay in touch with my family in Canada, and other friends from around the world. And when I read my archives, I remember what fun I had writing some of those entries. And I know that it was really worth the time and effort I took to create them.

And I discover new skills, new tools, and new technologies. And I discover how the internet works. And I feel compelled to share that understanding with others (except, unless you are in the internet industry, it’s not as easy as you might think). And, I feel a sense of pride in what I have accomplished.

And I can only guess that my friend in the wine industry probably feels the same way about his wine and his industry.

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  1. You say “ego” like it’s a bad thing – I suppose in informal use the word is often synonymous with “conceit”. The happiest people, though, are self-confident people, and I find expressions of ego that involve a public label (a Web site, a wine label, a university library building or a whole town) to be a good thing.

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