Mateo Granados: Fresh, Local, Fabulous

I hear about Mateo Granados from a few people before I actually get to talk to him myself. David and Ondine mention him when they find out I’m looking for interesting perspectives. And I crosscheck the reference with Julie, my winemaker-foodie friend. She nods her head. Yes. Definitely. And when I’m talking to Evie at […]

The virtual healdsburg dating scene

As many of you know, this cartoon connotes EXACTLY what life is like today–virtually, physically. It’s pretty funny. Last week, my cousin NIK got engaged…and I saw her Facebook status update AND I immediately wrote to congratulate her. Talk about instant gratification. One day, I was talking to a friend about the lack of available, […]

Labels and egos

I started to have a conversation yesterday about egos–about labels and egos specifically. But I wasn’t as articulate as I would liked to have been. And I probably should have thought about it before I said it because I think the person I was talking to got a wee bit defensive about his industry (the […]

I can’t believe I texted the word “semantically” today

I’ve just started texting with my mobile. I’ve never done it much before, but now, I have a few people I exchange messages with. It’s a bit like twitter, but I know the person I’m talking to somewhat cares what I’m saying. Today, I am on my way to the library (for the air conditioning […]