Ma vie en Suisse

Becoming a better writer

On March 16th, I asked my readers what  I should write about while I was over here in Switzerland. I had a few ideas and a few of you pitched me some more in the comments.

I started thinking if I were going to be researching and writing about life in Switzerland, I might find some traditional publishing outlets and start pitching to editors-and maybe actually publish an article or two. (Yeah–in my dreams!!!)

I did a bit of research and I did find a few publication, but  I also found the London School of Journalism. They offer online courses.

I promptly signed up for the course: Freelance and Feature Writing. I now have some writing homework that I will be working on. Also,  I want to write a submission for What’s Up Yukon’s Foreign Correspondent contest and one for the WriteOn blog here in Switzerland.

I have to start somewhere. Right?

This weekend, we are going to Salzburg to visit the Queen. No. Wait. The Queen is in England. We aren’t going to England. We are going to Salzburg: a salty burg with an Austrian accent–ha! I’ll get a story or two from this weekend, for sure.

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