Ma vie en Suisse

Hey! Got any grapes?

In the last days of pregnancy with Spikey Mikey, the J-man was getting really familiar with my iPad. “Mahna Mahna?” he would ask first thing in the morning. “Mahna Mahna?”.

One day about three or four months ago, I thought that muppet song “Mahna Mahna” would entertain him for a few minutes while I sat down to put my feet up. He LOVED IT.

Then, through YouTube, he discovered ALL of the variations of Mahna Mahna. The Sesame Street version. The verison with Animal. Even ones people themselves had put on the net.

Mahna Mahna.

Along the way, we also discovered a few other songs. The Hippo and the dog singing the Lion Sleeps Tonight. For sentimental reasons, I posted that for my sisters here). But another one–or series of songs–we discovered were the duck songs.

I like them.

They are catchy and witty.

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