Ma vie en Suisse

Villain red corduroy pants

Villain red corduroy pants
I was suduced by your boldness
I knew from the moment I put you on the J-man
You would wreak havoc in my life
But I was seduced by your boldness

Villain red corduroy pants
You were lurking
Lurking in  the washing machine
AFTER I had removed the other colours

And now you are a little less bold
And my whites are pink


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  1. Actually, I now have three pair of LOVELY rose pink underwear and two bras that needed a bit of a pick-me-up (in more ways than one!). So, not terrible. However, ALL of the J-man’s onesies (les bodies) are now pink. I had wanted to use them as an extra layer as the weather started getting colder.

    I guess he will just have to get comfortable with his feminine side.