All About My Butt

Butt Rock

Here is a picture of a rock that once hitched a ride in my butt–unbeknownst to me of course. How? I don’t know. Can you see the size of that rock? (That’s a quarter beside the rock, BTW. And the rock is on the right side of this picture.)

One summer a friend and I spent as much time as we possibly could floating inner tubes from the Del Rio Beach to the Camp Rose Beach. Enjoyable. Relaxing. Fun. We often invited a few of our friends. One day, with a few friends and towards the end of the summer we decided to see if there were enough water left in the river to make the trip.We donned our swim gear, grabbed the tubes, and headed up the road to Del Rio. We even walked to the top end of the beach to extend the floating time. I remember I was wearing my slightly unflattering, bright yellow bikini.

The water was quite low at the top end of the beach and our butts dragged on the bottom of the river as we ferviously paddled the tubes. Eventually, there was enough water flow to carry us without all the comotion and kuffufle.

We arrived at Camp Rose beach a good two hours later. We docked and walked back up to the house. In the backroom, I changed from my wet swimsuit to some dry clothes. As I pulled my bikini bottoms off, this rock fell out. It’s huge. How did I manage to float with that weight in my butt? The blubber probably counteracted with bouyancy.

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