Amazing Fact #1

My parents like ABBA…the group ABBA, from Sweden. This is one amazing fact I found out about them on their trip to visit me this Christmas. WOW. I was so amazed. I even called my sisters to tell them. And, yes Nat, I was drunk when I called you. Sorry. But we were having fun!

Apparently, Mum started liking ABBA when she went to see Mama Mia with my older sister in Toronto a few years ago. I don’t know when my Dad started listening to them. But, I am still amazed! Growing up–we were never allowed to listen to that “ya ya shit”.

I can remember when we started listening to ABBA. It was in the late 70s. The Whalens, family friends from Newfoundland, were baby-sitting us all summer. They also had three kids: Lorrie, Katrina, and Stenine. All of us spent the summer in the basement listening to an ABBA album (probably Arrival, because I specifically remember the song: Dancing Queen). I think we all (the three Burke girls) had a crush on Lorrie.

The next summer, my sister Nat aquired two ABBA LPs: Super Trooper and Voulez-Vous. All summer long we would listen to her two ABBA albums on a red and white portable record player.

Years later, when I lived in Ottawa, a group called Bjorn Again visited Barrymore’s. Barrymore’s is a great venue to see live bands. It’s an old, converted movie theatre and is just the right size. Bjorn Again was incredible. It was just like seeing ABBA live. If Bjorn Again ever come to your area…get your Go-Go boots and skirts out of the closet and don’t deny that disco!

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