Brand New Year

Happy Brand-New Year! I know I’m a bit late, but my parents were here. We were doing stuff and having fun. So. I’m saying it now. Happy brand-spanking New Year!

Jennifer's Fresh StartThis is going to be a year of new things for me. New identities. New locations. New experiences. New people. I saw the In Style magazine on the rack at the supermarket the other day. The headline was: Jennifer’s Fresh Start. It is cool to see your name in the headlines. As if my life is anything compared to Jennifer Aniston’s. But, I had to buy it.

This is my brand new year. 2006 – Starring Jennifer C. Burke as herself–HA!

Well, Readers (and I know you are out there even if you don’t leave comments), here is a starter list of stories you can expect on this blog this year:

  • I have a great story about hand sanitizer. It’s pretty embarrassing, but pretty funny. On this note (because the incident actually took place in the Alaskan wilderness in an outhouse), I also have a few extra stories about outhouses (Yukon toilet humour!).
  • I have another story about the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten. Can anybody top hermaphrodite moose?
  • I have some stories about growing up in the Yukon. A colleague at work the other day asked about the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced. Last Christmas, when I visited my parents, it was pretty damn cold. The mercury doesn’t even come out of the bulb at the bottom of the thermometer at -50 C.
  • I have a photo documentary on how Californians make wine in their garages. Oh. Not to mention the continuing Polaroid collection of coffee makers in my life.
  • I have a smattering of other colourful stories–mainly about me, my family, or just my everyday experiences. I will also update everybody on what happened during the FIVE WEEKS when my parents were here visiting me in California. Too bad it rained for a good portion of that. We apparently had 163% of the annual rainfall. Chantel, I took the Little People to Death Valley, Vegas, and the beach so there will be a few entries on them.

Welcome to 2006. We got lots to do. Let’s get it started.

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