Brasset Cellars Bluenose Wins a Blue Ribbon

Brasset CellarsMy neighbour won a GOLD award for his 2003 Petite Sirah at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. I’ve offered to pour for him on Saturday. I’m hoping I’ll have some interesting stories at the end of it all.

About his label:

Origin 1: Bluenose is a nickname for Nova Scotians and originated during the early settlement days. (Paul is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada.) When the Loyalists (everybody who remained loyal to the British crown in the Revolution) arrived from the States to settle the area, they found the colony so cold and foggy that they would all have blue noses.

Origin 2: The famous Nova Scotian-built Bluenose I, one of the fastest fishing vessels ever launched, was given this name in recognition of its fine shipbuilders. The ship’s memory is commemorated in the Bluenose II and on the Canadian 10 cent piece.

Added 04 Oct 05: Here is a link to some fun pictures of pouring wine at the Harvest Fair.

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