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Cyndi Targosz Questionnaire about Relationships

A questionaire from Cyndi Targosz (of Starglow Productions) arrived in my email this morning. She’s asking me (and all of my eligible friends) to fill out a questionnaire about being in a relationship where the woman is older than the man.

I’m going to do it. Not that I have any interesting stories about dating younger men–but I do have an opinion about the entire concept. I think that’s question 10: Additional comments.

I guess I would say to the women in the relationship is: Beware. (I guess you could say that to anybody in any relationship). But here is my warning: Beware that you aren’t his mother figure. That you are taking care of him–and he gets sex to boot–which reminds me of a completely off topic and random ribald joke my Dad told me the other day: Jane and Tarazan meet in the jungle. They are attracted to each other immediately but–Jane has to discuss it all first. “Well, what do you think about it? Where do you think this is coming from? How did you do it before me? How many of them were there?

Most of Tarazan’s answers were simple grunts. Except the one: How did you do it before me? To which he replied: I used a tree. Jane sort of snickered and repeated: A tree? She decides she can definitely teach Tarazan a thing or two about this attraction thing and proceeds to explain how things work in the real (albeit-heterosexual-world). She gets to a point and then lies down on the jungle floor. She motions between her legs and asks: Well? What do you think?

At which point, Tarazan hauls off and kicks her directly in her privates with all the force he can muster. After rolling around on the ground and gaining her breath back, she screeches at him: What the F*** was that for?

Tarazan as calm as ever replies: Checkin for squirrels.

Did you laugh? I’ve now made my Dad promise to tell me a joke a week. I’m going to post them here.

Segue back into the real blogging topic which is about relationships where the woman is older than the man. Women, if you are the older person in this relationship, make sure you are not his mother–well–that warning still applies to women in any relationship. Regardless, if you become his mother–any semblance of flame just flickers and dies and disappears without even a Voldemort potential because–just think about it–who wants to have sex with their mother?

That’s it. That’s all I have to say about that. For all of you folks who might be able to add some insight for Cyndi’s research, click here for her full questionnaire. Help her out. Send her your input. I’m sure she’d be happy to hear from you.

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