Dead People’s Stuff

Otherwise called antiques. Today, there was a huge antique sale in our town square. What is an antique, really? It’s just dead people’s stuff. Not that I know anything about antiques–but I find it all kind of creepy. Dead people’s stuff. Stuff that didn’t belong to anyone you know, so you don’t require a fond memory or a keepsake. There were loads of people there, milling about in the town square. It’s good for the businesses I presume–to have so many people wandering about.

Healdsburg has so many antique shops. I believe we have the most antique shops per capita in Sonoma County. Maybe, because it’s such an affluent neighbourhood, people retire here. And then they die here. And, then there are copious amounts of dead people’s stuff to sort through and sell.

I thought I liked that shabby chique style of furniture. I did realize however, it’s just the old, stuffy antiques, primed and painted white. New paint = new life. Maybe I need to repaint my life? I think I’m going to prime it first.

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