10th Annual North Bay Heart Walk

To Joan's granddaughter.

This blog entry is dedicated to my friend and colleague’s granddaughter who had heart surgery last Thursday.

Today, I walked the Heart Walk. My friend Carol and I managed just under an hour for five miles around Spring Lake. She sets a good pace. I’m always impressed.

Up until today, I didn’t really know why I was walking this Heart Walk–except that I believe in healthy hearts and exercise in general. Carol asked me to participate, so I did. However, at the opening ceremonies when they were reading names of people whose lives had been affected by heart disease, I realized why I was participating.

My friend and colleague’s granddaughter recently had heart surgery. Her granddaughter is fourteen. She is a regular teenager (but unique at the same time). She goes to school. She has a boyfriend (who does imitations of Elvis Presley). She also has a hole in her heart. On Thursday, she had surgery to patch it up, but the surgery wasn’t totally successful. She’ll have to have open heart surgery (sooner rather than later we hope).

So, today, at the opening ceremonies, a young girl sang Amazing Grace, another lady read names, and a third fellow released doves who circled above the crowd for a bit. It was all very emotional–an in the moment emotional sort of thing. I thought of my colleague (who is very passionate about birds) and about her granddaughter and the heart surgery. All of a sudden, I was very glad I was walking for this cause. Somehow, my tiny–but healthy–contribution might make a difference.

I raised $202.32. Carol raised $400.00. We actually enjoyed getting up before 7h00 am today and arriving at Howarth Park for the 8h00 am team photo: common people, common cause, and simple enjoyment.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who sponsored me. I am hoping it will somehow make a difference to Joan’s granddaughter.

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