Dude…you missed the powder…

I was going to go to Tahoe with my friends KatieBird and Sean this weekend–except they went up on Friday night and I had too many things to do this weekend.

My housemate Krista and Travis and my good friend Carol made a bit of a birthday dinner for me on Friday. I’d had a helluva week so it was nice just to relax with a few friends.

On Saturday, we all went looking at puppies. I was going to get myself a dog for my birthday. I’m glad we just went looking. I had to think twice about the chaos in my house and about adding a puppy to the mix. Conor got terribly excited though, so it’s going to be tough to tell him that we can’t get the dog.

Jim called around 8h00 pm on Saturday evening. He said that since it was going to be all stormy here, it should be nice and fresh up at Tahoe. So I decided to go snowboarding on my birthday.

There was an incredible amount of powder and more that I’ve ever boarded in. I had to learn how to board in powder– but in the end, I think I did OK. We called another colleague on the way home and I left a message: “Dude. You missed the powder.” Then we laughed and hung up. I managed to loose my car keys on the hill somewhere, but luckily–we’d taken Jim’s truck and not my car. We only had to drive from Petaluma to Healdsburg and back with the extra set of keys.

So that’s it. That’s my weekend summary. It’s not much. I need to start blogging regularly again. It’s the only way I really express myself. Imagine that? What did I do before WordPress? Hey-that could be their new tag line: WordPress: Express yourself. But, now I digress.

I’ve been blogging a bit at: TheLoveLetterProject.com. I didn’t start the site with this commentary in mind, but in the end, the content sort of fit–so I’ll just leave it there. Krista says she has some letters that I can post–if she can find them at her parent’s. I guess I’ll have to wait for those.

I have to catch up on some blog entries from the beginning of January. Fawn and Michael–I haven’t forgotten about you and the awesome family photo we took on the hill that day. I’ve just misplaced the battery to my camera and I haven’t replaced it. I also have some pictures of Mr. Pineapple Head tobogganing in the Yukon and weird things at Whistler.

Well. It’s late. I’d better start getting ready for my week (let alone my next year).

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