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Hello, my name is Jennifer. And I am a logophile.

Is there a 12-step program that can help me? I was looking for a word today. I couldn’t remember the exact word, but I remembered that it started with logo and it meant something about being focussed on words.

I thought I’d blogged about it. So I looked on my blog, but I was scanning. I couldn’t find it.

I looked through for all words starting with logo…but I didn’t find it.

I googled “lover of words”. I found a logophile’s lament. I only read the first two paragraphs before I realized that I HAVE THIS affliction. I HAVE EXACTLY this affliction.

Hello. My name is Jennifer. I am a logophile.

PS: I found my word: Logomachist. It was buried in the entry about fornicating frogs.

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