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I lost my cell phone today

But I found it again. No worries. Or not too many at least. I went to pick up wine from the warehouse, then I ran a few errands. I apparently left my phone at the checkout at the grocery store. When I finally figured out where I’d left it, I went back to the grocery store to the information desk and asked if they’d seen it.

The lady looked at me and laughed. She said: “I phoned your parents” (the first entry in my phone book). My Dad answered and told her that he didn’t have a daughter or son who had lost their cell phone. I bet he’d just woken up or something and couldn’t be bothered by a complete stranger trying to do the right thing and return a lost cell phone.

How would he tell me anyway? I’m usually using the cell phone when I talk to them. Regardless, I put an entry at the top of my phone list now: 1. If found, please call. Hopefully, if I loose my cell phone again, the person can call my alternate number and let me know they found it.

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