Katie Bird!

Katie told me her road kill story. She was driving in heavy rain and her windshield wipers were going full speed. All of a sudden–Whack!– on her windscreen. It turns out a bird had flown into the windscreen and got stuck in the wipers.

She is sitting behind the steering wheel watching the bird go from side to side on her windscreen. Ick! She stops, pulls over, and gets out to remove the bird. At least the bird has stopped with the windshield wipers and is no longer being dragged back and forth. As she plucks the bird from the wiper, she realizes that she’s only plucked the body. The head stayed stuck in the wiper! Yuck. Now she has a decapitated bird body and a bird head still stuck in the wiper. She discovers she has to dislodge the head from between the wiper and the windscreen.

It’s just gross. It’s a gross story. The poor bird! Poor Katie!

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