Monkey Butter™

Today, I will tell the story of monkey butter. I have had a situation in my life that was recently compared to an Iranian saying. The saying literally translates to: It’s like a monkey shoving butter up his butt! So, now you might ask: Pardon me? A monkey? Butter?

Well, imagine a monkey and a huge pile of butter in front of him. He takes a handful and tastes it. His expression changes, his eyes light up. He really likes the butter. It is so rich and tasty. So, he takes another scoop of butter with his other hand. Incredible! He is so pleased. He is so lucky. Two handfuls of butter!

Wait a minute! There is still more butter for him. Right there. Right in front of him. A huge pile! Being the primate that he is, he wants it all. But, he doesn’t know what to do with the butter that’s in his hands. He can’t eat it fast enough. He has two hands and a mouth full of butter, but he wants more. So, he shoves one handful of butter up his butt and grabs another handful.

I imagine this scenario going on until there is no butter left, but the monkey has a butt full of butter. Here is a very funny video of a monkey. He isn’t using butter, but it’s still funny: Monkey Butter

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