Outside the DMV

I got up extra early this morning to go to the DMV in Petaluma. I wanted to get there when it opened (at 8h00 am, or so I thought). There were a few other people when I arrived who immediately told me that, today, the DMV opened at 9h00 am.

I have lost my driver’s license and need to replace it. Also, I realized that I don’t have those sticky tags on my plates. I decided to wait in line until 9h00. Get it all over and done with. I started out with five other people in the line. We chatted some. About if I should come back tomorrow or simply wait. Maybe I should come back tomorrow because the DMV doesn’t accept ATM or credit cards? I normally don’t carry any cash at all, but today, I thought I might have enough.

Three men. Two older women. Me. The six of us were the only ones in line for about half an hour. I can’t remember any details about the first two men. I remember only that one of the women had a great laugh. A belly laugh. She lent me a pen. The other lady was definitely a senior. She had penciled eyebrows. Normally, I don’t think I would comment on penciled eyebrows, but this lady had penciled her eyebrows blue. So, she had blue eyebrows–I just thought that was interesting. When I’m older, I wonder if I’ll pencil my eyebrows blue?

I had a longer conversation with the third fellow only because I was counting my cash and commented that I had ~$60 USD and $25 CAD. He said, Canadian, eh? I said. Yeah, eh? He asked where in Canada. I said Northern Canada: Mile 906.8 Alaska Highway to be exact. Wicked, he said. Unique, I laughed. I love it!

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