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Purpose of my blog this year

When I first started this blog, I didn’t know what it was going to be. It was a gift from my friend Waitman who saw that I needed a place to express myself and to find my voice. I have been trying to contact Waitman recently to let him know how much I appreciate his gift, but alas–he is not returning my phone calls. I will have to persevere.

I love this blog. It ended up allowing me to express myself positively and make other people laugh, and–when all is said and done–to laugh at myself. It helped me through a really rough time in my life (not that that part is over, but it is better) and I hope it helped others. I wrote about the funny things–the non-sequitur things that make you look or think twice: “Does that horse look like a lama?” OR “I know Saskatchewan. That’s where they have sasquatches.” or “Je ne mange pas les preservatifs.“. Also, I can’t forget about those Trueman moments.

This year, I thought I would take the focus off of me and my rather stupid antics (have you read about the hand sanitizer incident? Am I the only one this happens to?) and I have decided to blog about other people. I would like to blog about people I believe in or people who have potential. This year, I have quite a selection of people to choose from–so I will go about interviewing them and writing about them on my blog. I like that.

I have interviews planned for people who know me and people who don’t. For example, tonight I interviewed Rachel Ferguson–my friend from Gatineau, Quebec. She is 17 years old and already has a list of creative accomplishments that I can only dream of. I’m going to post my interview with her later this week–so stay tuned for that.

I want to interview my parents. I love my parents. I don’t think you can get any more real than my parents. They are who they say they are and they don’t pretend to be anything else. My dad is a very colourful man with the best sense of humour (and Dad, yes, I am already thinking of your present for next Christmas. You’d better beware!). My Mum is so talented with her quilts and her quilting projects. I think I’m going to interview her about her quilt challenges. I’m also going to ask if I can publish her bread recipe. Yum!

I want to interview my sisters and my niece and nephew. I think they all have interesting stories to tell about who they are and how they got to be where they are.

This summer, my family is planning a huge family reunion in Alix, Alberta. I’m keen to meet people there and interview them for my blog. I have a famous aunt in my family: Irene Parlby. She was one of the Famous Five Women of Alberta. I’m proud of her accomplishments and I’m eager to meet more of my family and discover my heritage. I am planning a series of blog entries on Irene Parlby alone.

I want to interview Mr. Alan Benfield Bush. Mr. Bush started out being a rather random event in my life–but now he is a bit more constant. He has led quite a life and I’m eager to start documenting with his stories. We’ve started a blog at: for that purpose.

I also want to interview a former neighbour who works with women and young girls in Indonesia training them and giving them skills weaving fabric–which he then imports for sale to the US. He works with these young women and girls to give them skills so they don’t have to work in the sex trade. Admirable man, that neighbour. I definitely have to interview him.

I still have other entries to post. GB jr is back from his travels in South America. I have to post his entries and pictures. He will also be joining a family who are travelling around the world on a year off. I’m keen to publish whatever his stories are.

My nephew just submitted a comment on a poem that he is proud of. I will also encourage more submissions–but I’m going to have to write some guidelines first. I have a few more blogs to create–so look for them too. I’m a busy girl this year. When am I ever going to find time to get a job-that-pays-the-bills?

Now, when I look this blog entry over, I have so much to do. So much to learn. So much to document. I’m excited. I can’t wait to get started.

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