Road Kill

This morning on the way to work, I hit a bird with my car. I am positively horrified. I felt it hit my front passenger tire and pummel through the wheel well. When I looked in my rear view mirror, all I saw was a cloud of feathers. What on earth was a bird doing in the middle of the 101? Even if I had seen it first, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid it. I wasn’t speeding or anything. I was going approximately the speed limit. That is, I was not going any faster or slower than any of the other cars on the highway. Granted, I was trying to read the Clover advertisement on the truck in the slow lane. I was in the fast lane and approaching the truck. I love Clover advertisements. They are usually very witty. I discovered that Stornetta corporation takes advertisement suggestions from the general public. I love it. But, I digress from my roadkill story. Here is a link to Stornetta so you can read the witty advertisements yourself.

I am positively horrified. I am the type of person that whenever I see road kill, I say a wee prayer to ask for forgiveness of mankind for inventing such brute machines. Now, I am one of them. My little Honda is a brute machine and I drive a brute machine. I’m feeling terrible especially since many of my close friends are bird enthusiasts. I am just glad that I don’t think the bird suffered. It looked like it was over by the cloud of feathers in my rear view mirror.

When I got to work, I told my cubicle neighbour Wayde about my accident. Colin overheard us and came to tell his story about a turkey vulture. The vulture had staggered up onto the road (apparently drunk from its feast in the ditch). It was too heavy to take off properly and just flew right into Colin’s windscreen. Colin said the same thing. When he looked in his rear view mirror, he only saw a cloud of feathers. Wayde said that if you are driving a car, it’s inevitable that you are going to kill something. I guess I’m glad I’ve been driving over ten years now and this is my first fatal accident and it involved a bird–not a person.

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