Smelling of dog and sulphur

Well. I’m settling into my new accommodations. I can’t believe that I am here and everything seems to be working out fine. I guess I’ll have to see how things go. They have gone quite smoothly so far–so I can’t complain. Well. One thing. Apparently, the vineyard management company sprayed sulphur on the vineyard last week. I usually open a window during the night so I get fresh air and air flow (two things really important in my good night’s sleep).

Apparently, I let in the sulphur fumes. Although, I didn’t know it was sulphur. It smelled like burning rubber or like someone left leather gloves on a radiator or a heater (I’ve never done that!!!). I kept waking up thinking somewhere, somehow, the entire house was burning down. At one point, I even had visions of my car in the driveway spontaneously combusting and bursting into flames–and that’s what the burning rubber smell was. So. It is a new house. A new environment. A new situation. When you’re half asleep, the smell could be anything.

Now, a week later, the two dogs that live here smell like dog AND sulphur AND I can’t tell if there is a wee bit of skunk mixed in there too. Whatever it is, they simply reek. AND, when I go out to feed them, Tania circles around my legs. Around and around. I can’t get her to stop. So, when I ‘m done feeding them, now I smell like dog and sulphur.

How alluring.

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