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So gentlemen, how would you describe your woman as wine?

My friend Katey over at John Tyler Wines wrote a post last week where she started asking men how they would describe their ideal woman as wine. Head on over, have a look.  In this world of wine and wine-lover vocabulary and all the discourse on the internet about wine and loving wine, you’d think there would also be some conversation on wine and romantic LOVE.  And being able to describe your ideal person with a vocabulary from such passion.

My friend in Yellowknife emails me after one of our video Skypes where I’d been talking about it. She said she’d returned to her couch and sat sipping a glass of (I’ll have to ask what she was sipping. Something from the Niagra peninsula I think). She writes (about herself):

I was inspired by the question – me; as a wine…
A lively, fullbodied wine.  Earthy with intriguing flavors of smoke and pepper.  Well structured with a good backbone and soft, supple tannins.
A fun exercise for sure!

So, all of you wine bloggers out there who confer on the virtues of vintages and textures of varietals: What have you got to say about the real love of your life?

We know you have the vocabulary.

Katey, we’re going to set up that mixer for SURE!

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