The Butter Method

Because there was a tiny bit of confusion with the title of this entry, it probably is best to read the two previous entries before you read this one.


Ok. Now, I’m just talking nonsense, but try it anyway. You’ll need: your kayak, your skirt, your paddle, your paddling partner (to take pictures), and a stick of butter.

The entry scenario is the same perpendicular dock (see entry below). However, while your kayak is still on the dock, rub the stick of butter around the cockpit combing of the boat. That’s right. Grease it up. Now, put your kayak into the water on the left side of the dock and again, sit on the dock as if you were sitting in your kayak. Rub the remaining butter on your backside. Proceed with straddling the paddle from the dock to behind the cockpit. Remember to grip both the cockpit AND the paddle in your left hand (this might be a wee bit more difficult because of the butter). Use the right hand and arm to grip the paddle and the dock for stability.

Now, gently maneuver your left side into the boat. Once you get past a certain point, you should be able to slip right in!! (I say “should” because I’ve never actually tried this method. I’m working with the “add fat, add salt, and turn up the heat” theory!)

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