The Seal Launch (off a dock)

Another way to get into a kayak from a dock is the seal launch. In this case, I think it might be better if you are using a small, plastic kayak. Simply leave your kayak on the dock with the front end sticking off the dock as much as possible without it tipping into the water. Get in the kayak and arrange yourself. Skirt–check. Life vest–check. Paddle–check. Once you are settled in the kayak, use your lower half to scoot forward until you sploosh into the water essentially launching yourself off the dock like a seal. (Good exercise for the lower abdominals, by the way.)

However, your original question was: How do I get into the kayak from a dock without getting wet? I don’t think I could recommend this method. The nose of your boat will dive into the water before the rear end gets there. There will be water everywhere. Also, this is not necessarily the most stable way to enter the water. Once your boat (and you) hit the water, you are most likely to tip over. So, unless you are prepared to brace yourself, you might want to save this method until you have a bit more practice–or, you are willing to get wet.

Here is a link to a site for a white water seal launch method (complete with pictures):

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