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What’s the baby of…

I am driving to the Yukon with my Dad. We have time to talk in the car. I ask him, “What made you laugh when we were kids?”

He paused and thought for a moment. “Well, when Natoline was just starting school, she came home one day and said:”

“We were learning about babies today. Baby animals.”

My dad is starting to smile at the memory. He said that he was pleased to know she was learning something at school. He started to quiz her.
“Ok. What’s the baby of a cow?”

“A calf.”

“What’s the baby of a horse?”

“A colt.”

My dad nods, and is now impressed. His daughter is definitely learning something at school.

“What’s the baby of a jackass.”

My five-year-old sister didn’t pause, nor blink an eye:

“An asshole.”

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