Why Polaroids?

I have recently decided to take Polaroid pictures. I even borrowed a Polaroid camera to see if I would like it first. I originally had an idea to make a photo essay of the coffee makers in my life. I seem to somehow have accumulated seven, even though I use only one. I just thought it was pretty ridiculous that I actually owned seven ways to make coffee. I was going to take pictures of them and tell their stories.

One day, I was visiting a friend and found out he collects Polaroid cameras. I thought that Polaroid pictures would just add to the theme of the coffee makers and that would somehow make my project more interesting. So I asked if I could borrow his camera.

It was just a simple idea at first–to take Polaroids of my coffeemakers. I haven’t started that particular project yet, but I have started taking Polaroids. Now, I’m hooked. But, I’ll have to see how long it lasts.

Here are the reasons I’ve decided on Polaroids (in no particular order):

  • Polariods are a bit different, but I can still have conversations about photography.
  • Polaroid cameras are the everyman’s camera. No special tricks. No special buttons. Just point. Click. See the result.
  • Polaroids make me happy. For the tiny bit each day that I am thinking about trying to make an interesting picture, I am happy. Sometimes, it ends up being the story behind the picture that’s interesting instead of the picture itself.
  • Polaroids have been around awhile so I can learn about the history. I am in very interested in why things are the way they are and how they came to be.
  • Polaroids are tangible. You don’t need a computer to look at them. Instant gratification, with a bit of anticipation while the picture appears.
  • Polaroids create positives (as opposed to negatives) and I think that is an interesting dichotomy in my life right now.
  • I can say I am on ‘roids and it has a totally different meaning.

They are expensive though. More than a dollar a shot. I decided today to make some guidelines to take pictures. Originally, I thought three was a round number (three shots of one subject). But, now I think I’ll just limit myself to one picture. One shot. That’s all I get.

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