I can’t believe I texted the word “semantically” today

I’ve just started texting with my mobile. I’ve never done it much before, but now, I have a few people I exchange messages with. It’s a bit like twitter, but I know the person I’m talking to somewhat cares what I’m saying.

Today, I am on my way to the library (for the air conditioning and to get some work done), but I’m not there yet. I’ve been answering emails and updating websites while trying to eat some breakfast at Costeaux.

Regardless, my friend texted me about being on Yukon time. Frankly, because I’m in Healdsburg, I was a bit surprised he’d even know about Yukon time. Maybe he does. Maybe he was just making a joke, but I texted back:

How do you know about Yukon time??? Which is semantically defined as somewhere between late and never…

I must be on Yukon time if I take the time to text the word “semantically”.

Am missing the Yukon big time right now. I should have made the time and money to come home this summer.

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