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Fitness update: 10 kms at the Lausanne Marathon

I am delinquent in everything: blog posts, getting fit after pregnancy, thank you notes to everybody who came to the Yukon this summer, sorting through 10, 000 or so pictures from the summer, more things that I dare not even start to think of. I think I am just overwhelmed. To top it off, I have also been sick for the last few weeks.

I will blame it all on the J-man.

However, what I am NOT delinquent on is taking him to the park everyday. That, we manage to do. Today, he swung in a swing on his own. HE LOVED IT.

I did manage to run 10 kms yesterday as part of the Lausanne Marathon. My time was 1:08:50. I ran the same route in 2009, with a time of 1:07:31. Hmph…just over a minute slower. DAMN! Also I was four minutes faster than my 10K time in April. So–overall–fitness-wise–I am doing great.

I didn’t really train much for this race. I mentioned that I was sick for the last few weeks (getting up with the J-man and not getting enough sleep doesn’t help). But I have been going to the gym at least once a week on Saturday mornings and do a workout from the Nike training app. I walk with another new mum (Lisa and her son are from Austria) on Wednesdays.  We start from across from the metro station at Ouchy and walk uphill to the Lausanne Cathedral. We push the baby buggies all the way.  I am thinking about getting t-shirts made up:Cardio Mom t-shirt

Cardio Mom t-shirt, blueI should just go ahead and order them.  I have a plan for a pair of workout pants too…got to get on that design. I will. Once I get a few things from above out of the way.

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  1. Well, Jennifer, the first order of business is to get your “to do list” going! How do you expect to accomplish anything if you can’t cross it off your list as finished? Start with the smaller jobs first ie “thank you notes” or whatever other small jobs you have to do . I know the photos would overwhelm me too!
    Congratulations on running the 10 K MARATHON. i realized after I had sent the email that it was your marathon you had been talking about earlier. 1 minute and a few seconds is nothing to be shamed of for difference in speed!
    So Jonathan had his first swing ride ! Did you get a photo? He seems to be a person of general interest – enjoys any activity you take him on! It isn’t fair to blame him for being sick though!
    Bye for now
    Love Mum