This video showed up in my Facebook feed last week. I shared it to remind myself to make it. And make it I did. Last night.  I was seduced when he said: “I make it for my family all the time.”   Everybody ate up! Including Mpants who always says: “I don’t like XXX.”

Mpants finished eating his bit. As reluctantly as always: “Today, I am a vegetarian. A vegetarian who eats salami.”  ” Great,” I respond. “Lots of vege in this! Eat up!”

Here is the recipe so you don’t have to play the video twenty times while you’re trying to make it. First of all, though, watch the video. It helps.


3 real potatoes
2 sweet potatoes. Jamie says to use 50% of each. I judged with my eye.

Onions (Jamie used green onions. I used just a white onion), chopped.
1 slice of bacon (WHO COOKS WITH ONE SLICE OF BACON? I used an entire package of lardons (already cut up bacon that we can buy in Switzerland).
1 large carrot (diced as in the video)
A bunch of fresh parsley, chopped

600 grams of fresh fish. I used salmon and prawns. Chunked up into bite-sized pieces.
400 grams of frozen spinach
400 grams of frozen peas

2 tbsp flour
600 ml milk
2 tsp strong mustard
125 grams of feta cheese (half a package)

Salt and pepper to taste
dollops of olive oil to start off the onions and to add to the mashed potatoes


Heat your oven to 200 C.

Wash & chunk up the potatoes. Don’t peel them. All the nutrition is in the peel. Add to boiling water.

On medium heat, add a dollop of oil to the pan. Heat up. Add bacon, onions, carrots, and finally the parsley.
Mix and stir to avoid sticking.

Drain the potatoes and let cool off to the side for a moment.

Sprinkle 2 tbsps of flour to the vegetable/bacon mixture. Mix. Start to stir in the 600 ml of milk. Don’t add all the milk at once. Add a little at a time to allow the sauce to thicken. Add the 2 tsp of mustard. Stir in.

Finally, stir in the spinach. Then the peas and the fish. You can turn the heat off and let everything sit together. The spinach should be more or less melted. The sauce green-ish and covering the peas and chunks of fish.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Mash up the potatoes. I added a dollop of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. I didn’t purée them. Just chunky mashing as he demonstrates in the video.

Put the fish mixture in the baking dish for the oven. Break up the feta cheese with a fork and sprinkle over the top. Spread out the mashed potatoes. As he mentions, it doesn’t have to go to the edges. Just spread it out over the top and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Baking tip: I put a sheet of baking paper in the tray and was glad I did–as it cooked, the juice bubbled over the sides. Saved in the clean up.

YUM!! Thank you Jamie!

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