Memorable day today–no pictures though

Memorable day today:

M-pants took about seven step by himself. He is definitely walking now.

Jman climbed up the play structure for big kids (a number of times), by himself, and slid down the big kid’s slide. Then, he climbed up the slide (a number of times), and slid down again. The slide was at least twice as high as me!

At bedtime, Jman asked to see the stars. He had been playing outside with his cousins last Friday evening after dinner. I think he had never seen the moon or stars before then (bedtime comes early for two-and-a-half-year olds).

We took the down comforter and went to lay on the sofa. We lay on our backs and watched the stars come out. It seemed magical.

The last time I felt magical like that was a weekend I spent at Jazzworks jazz camp in 1999. I went for a paddle in a canoe, heard that haunting call of a loon, and saw the rings on the planet Saturn.

I promised Jman in a few years (maybe next year), we will go camping, have a campfire, lay in our sleeping bags, and watch the stars come out.

I can’t wait.

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  1. Sounds like Jonathan is going to be a inquisitive fellow and always looking for information! Good for him! What a event to look forward to! Camping under the stars!

    Love Mum

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