Salt scrub

Ever since my 41st birthday a few weeks ago, I look in the mirror every morning and ask myself: “Could you be taking better care of your skin?”

I am not one to buy a whole lot of make up and skin care products. I usually just use a gentle liquid soap (in Canada and the US, I used Dr. Bronner’s), here I use something I found at the Farmer’s Market.

I use sunscreen in the summer (when I remember). I don’t use make up every day, but when I do, it is a powder foundation and light blush.

Still. With the cumulation of the lack of sleep over the last few years and getting older, I am starting to think about my skin a bit more.

Today, in the 15 minutes I had between putting the Jman down for his nap and Mikey waking up from his, I made myself a salt scrub. A bit of salt, the dried mint leaves from a mint tea bag, and a bit of lemon juice.

I read online I should have added a bit of oil. Maybe almond oil or olive oil. Or some other edible oil with health benefits, but, I didn’t. I just wanted a bit of a clean feel, without the grease. I will moisturize later.

I applied it twice using gentle circular motions with my fingertips. Both cheeks, my nose and mouth area, and finally, my forehead. I rinsed with warm water the first time and cool water the second.

The result: my face feels great! The skin is soft. I think the pores might be a bit smaller. The lemon / mint combination made it tingle.

I just made a little bit to start, to see how it worked. I guess you don’t need to do it more than once or twice a week. I will see how it goes.

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  1. That sounds rather interesting Jennifer. Does it shrink the wrinkles too? Or make them disappear?

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