Some new expressions….

I’m inventing new expressions to add some technicolour to my everyday life. I think I will take submissions for this blog entry. That would be funny. Here are a few that immediately come to mind.

  • Korky flapper (noun): A korky flapper is actually the wee flappy bit inside the toilet tank that is connected to the flush handle that lets the water into the toilet to flush away all the nastiness.However, because it’s fun to say, you could use korky flapper as an adjective. If, for example, it had been raining for days on end, but cleared up near the end of the week. If the skies became incredibly blue and the hills became incredibly green and the air became incredibly fresh, you could exclaim: What a korky flapper of a day!Korky flapper could also be a light insult. For example, if your friend was whining about small things in life, you could say: Don’t be such a korky flapper.Or, if your friend was babbling away about nothing in particular, you could also say: You are just being a korky flapper.
  • Qwing™ (noun). The person in charge of Planet Stupid. If you were crossing the street in Healdsburg ten feet from the corner and somebody in their car shouted at you for jay-walking. And they must have been having an awfully bad day, because they didn’t just shout at you, they shouted: Hey, what planet are you from? ….Planet Stupid?And if later that day, you were just laughing at the nonsense of it all: Planet Stupid! And you were imagining that if there were actually inhabitants of Planet Stupid, it would be good to be the one in charge. If you were in charge, your title could be: Qwing, of Planet Stupid.Now, you can just use Qwing to talk about stupid people.
  • Monkey Butter™ (noun): Etymology: from an Iranian saying, “Like a monkey shoving butter up his butt”. …unfinished…See the April entry for monkey butter.

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