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A good long run

I’ve decided I’m a trail runner. A few weeks ago, my friend Mitch ran the Skyline to the Sea ultra marathon. He blogged about it, a few of his fellow runners blogged about it, and I decided to keep me challenged and interested, I would start running trails.

Last week, I investigated some trails out a Lake Sonoma. Last Tuesday, I ran the trail behind Badger Park, here in Healdsburg.

Today, Mitch and I started out from Howarth Park, behind Spring Lake, into Anadel State Park. I wasn’t terribly prepared. I’d brought extra water. I was expecting to go for a few miles–around the lakes and such.

I started talking. A good two hours later, we were still talking (or at least I was), my right knee hurt a bit, but we (I) managed to continue for two hours straight. Talking–that’s not a problem for me. Running on the other hand…that was a feat. There were a few times I felt really good (they were usually on a slight downhill). There were a few times I had to walk (on the slight uphills–more so at the end of the run).

All in all. It was a good long run–for me.

Not for Mitch. He’d just done 50 kms at the Skyline to the Sea race. I’m sure he could probably have gone for much longer–running that is. As much as he is a marathon runner, I think I’m a marathon talker.

Regardless. It was a good start to my week. A good long run.

This week, I’d like to do two shorter runs on Tuesday and Thursday. And fit in some weights and yoga in between.

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