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Matching socks?

I don’t match my socks. But it’s not as bad as you think. I just don’t match two socks and roll them up and put them in a drawer. I don’t like the rolling bit. I don’t know why. I just don’t. Maybe I read somewhere it’s bad kharma to roll your socks. I-personally-like to have a drawer full of single socks.  Actually, I have two drawers full of socks: one full of white sport socks, and the other full of dark or woolen socks. 

When I do get dressed, it’s not like I have visibly odd-socks. I don’t wear a white sock and a dark sock. Or a dark sock and a woolen sock. I usually wear socks that I buy  in bulk from Costco or some other warehouse place. I put all of the same colours in one drawer. When I need a pair of  socks, I pull out two from the drawer. I have a theory. If I reach into the drawer and pull out one sock, how many times to I have to reach into the drawer and pull out its mate? Once. At most, twice. It’s like a game when I get dressed. Almost a ritual. 

When I opened the package of white sports socks I bought this last time, I saw that they have different-coloured writing on the toes. Meaning, there are now pairs of socks in my bulk purchase (if you look at socks that way). A pair of socks with pink writing. A pair of socks with blue writing. And so on. 

I still put all of the same-coloured socks in one drawer. When I want a pair of white sport socks, I pull out two of the same type (previous bulk purchases have grey bottoms, now some of them have coloured writing), and I put them on. At least I have the same type of sport socks on. I don’t normally care if they are the same colour of writing on the toes or not. I guess I’m just rebellious or something. Or I’m asserting myself by not conforming to wearing a veritable pair of socks. Who really cares anyway? 

So far, I have found four people who have told me I am wearing odd socks. 

And I say: I know. 

I like them that way.

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  1. I never really gave much thought to this concept, but I do the same thing. I just cram all my white, everyday sport socks (from big dept. store packs) into one part of the drawer and draw from them at random. The writing on the toe or even the toe/heel colours don’t always match. A form of rebellion? I like to think so, because if you read on, you’ll see that I really need to get out more.

    On the other hand, with my dress socks, I do organize them in pairs, mainly so they are neat and will stay in good condition longer. Same goes for my running socks – they are paired up, but in this case, for an even better reason. These babies cost a friggin’ fortune – about $15 a pair at running stores only – but they will last for years if properly cared for. Since I have run sox of various “ages”, I try to pair them up with like-aged companions. This doesn’t always work perfectly, but it’s my perfectionist side taking over here. I’ll bet there are runners who couldn’t give a damn about such things. Too much time on my hands…..