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Urban Yukon Bloggy Brunch! 03 Jan 2010

Hi everybody, I am looking forward to meeting everybody in a few weeks. So far, the bloggy brunch consists of:

Anybody else in? 11 am on 03 January. Bring your skis and we’ll go out to Mary Lake after (work off all that brunch).

Leave a comment if you are bringing something. I’m making stuffed French toast.

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  1. Dave, I’m soooo sorry. Carole it is.

    Tamara, definitely. Do you know where we are? I removed the address from the other posting. I’ll email it to everybody closer to the day.

    I’ll post a pic of the front of the house though. On Christmas Day.

  2. Can we bring a dog or two and skijor instead of regular skiing!?? I can leave them in my truck when we’re not skiing. And if anyone else wants to try it, they’re welcome!

    Tamara – of course you have to come! LOL