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Yesterday morning, the J-man was playing on the kitchen floor. He has started standing up on anything. In fact, he crawls somewhere and pulls himself up, and he prefers to stand there even if he has nothing to do. He just stands there and babbles.

He had pulled himself up on his walker chair (the chair we bought to put him in to start to walk). He doesn’t go in it anymore since he started pulling himself up and walking forward with it. I am pretty excited. Anyway. Yesterday, he had pulled himself up on the side of the walker, not behind. The walker was sort of edging away from him before he could get into a standing position.

I squatted down to hold the chair and to be at his level. “Pbbbttt”  Some, uh, some air escaped in the process.

He looked at me: “Pbbbttt” he said and blew a raspberry at me.

We laughed our heads off.

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  1. Hey! Is this what we get for the fourth day of Christmas? A fart?

    I was really enjoying that days of Christmas theme. I have been singing mena mena for days. Thanks for the blog post!