Alpha Male Syndrome

Mr. Mundy, you asked me a question today: Why do nice guys finish last? Here is my answer: Because the history of any species is that females are attracted to alpha males. Most times, he is the alpha male in the group of like (cut to a scenario at our favourite place). Alpha males also tend to be selfish (and therefore insecure) thus demanding a variety of attention (often from more than one source) to satiate egos and other voids. When two males compete for anything—center of conversation, women, being virile, or whatever—I call it the testosterone syndrome (but I don’t think that’s an official term).

The challenge for one person is finding another person who is alpha-esk in the three pillars of life: personal, professional, spiritual. However, if they-themselves-are not balanced in the three pillars, they tend to be attracted other people who offset the balance.

One problem with an unbalanced alpha is that they usually end up being monkeys (see the entry on monkey butter below). The problem with being attracted to an unbalanced alpha, is that you end up being the butter. In both cases, hopefully, it’s not for an extended period of time.

Most people just need to find the balance if they don’t want to finish last. It’s not about whether they are nice or not. It’s about whether they are balanced and secure with their situation. They need to find the balance in their personal (health, lifestyle, family), professional (career, community), and spiritual (of sane mind and attitude).

Me?? I’m working on being balanced and not being the monkey or the butter.

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