Choose living. Choose being alive. Choose life.

In no particular order and being a work-in-progress… of my first blog entries EVER. Originally published 26 April 2005.

Choose life. Choose a lifestyle. Choose your friends. Choose family. Choose your future, your career, your adventures. Choose how you spend your days.

Choose spending your nights in a different place for six months. Choose the two-hour lecture in Spanish because you were trespassing in a tropical rainforest. Choose the back of a pickup in the sweltering heat of Central America, covered in dust, with nine other people because you are NOT chained to your desk creating mountains of information for the unaware, clueless victims.

Choose what makes you happy. Choose fun. Choose being involved. Choose your instruments. Choose your voice. Choose your rhythm. Choose pissing your nights away at Zebulon’s in Petaluma. Choose live music for the soundtrack for your life.

Choose the characters in your life. Choose constructive relationships, and connection, and intimacy. Choose honesty, integrity, and being a whole person. Choose emotional maturity. Choose chardonnay. Choose glacier water.

Choose health. Choose pushing yourself up the mountain until you explode from heat and exertion. Choose papasean chairs and pianos. Choose caution and curiosity and conversations. Choose poetry and books and movies. Choose moonlight paddles, and mulled wines, and music, and wildflowers. Choose your lovers. Choose kissing for hours.

Choose living. Choose being alive. Choose life.

As Lesley Choyce says in his poem Best Minds— “Ginsberg was right: ‘Holy supernatural extra-brilliant intelligent kindness of the soul”. Let me know if you like it. I’ll send you info on where to get the CD….

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