Hockey Night Ringtone!!!

On the homepage the other day, I saw this advertisment:

Hockey Night in Canada Ringtone

MAN!! A few years ago I went to Alberta to visit family and my cousin NIK had a version of hockey night on her phone. When I got back to California, I told a few of my fellow Canadian geek friends about it. Joe immediately made his own and put it on his phone.

I still haven’t figured out how to make my own ringtones, but when I saw this one–I wanted it. I texted the word Canada to 311311, but my request gets lost going across the border. When I tried to text my vote for Rach when she was in the Battle of the Beats on Hot 89.9 FM in Ottawa, I got the same message. Maybe there is a country code I have to prefix the message with or something.


I love it. It says–descretely enough–that I am Canadian–without having to run around being obnoxious about it. That’s what nobody likes–an obnoxious Canadian (that could be an oxymoron–an obnoxious Canadian–ha!). It would be like a secret code–only other Canadians would recognize it when it rang. It would be like wearing my CBC t-shirt in LAX or my Tabarnac t-shirt when I’m pissed off. It would say: I am Canadian. I may live in the States for awhile–but basically–my name is Jennifer and I am Canadian.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! I have had the same problem when following the instructions to get the HNIC ringtone….also a Canadian living in FL, I would love to have that on my phone! Were you able to get any help with this?


  2. Nooooo…Nobody’s replied with a secret code and I’ve been busy moving and such.

    I’m going to Alberta for a family reunion at the end of June. Maybe I’ll see if I can get it there. I’ll send it to you if I do.


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