Compliments of Peugeot Hugo, the Brit

My new colleague and friend, Peugeot Hugo, is from Britain. This blog entry is dedicated to being British.

Here are some British words that most people should know:

  • wanker (noun): Technically, someone who enjoys getting off with only themselves present. It’s a good insult. For example, if your colleague says something totally inappropriate, you could say: Don’t be such a wanker!
  • rubber (noun): An eraser. OR each hand in a game of cards is also called a rubber.
  • bollocks (expletive): Technically, bollocks means balls. However, there are multiple uses. You can use it when you would normally say: No way! or Bullshit! As in: What a load of bollocks! You can also use it when you would normally exclaim: Damn! or Oh shit! As in: If you spilled coffee over your presentation for the boss, you would exclaim: Bollocks!
  • ass hat (noun): From the popular insult “to have your head up your ass”.

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