Voice Recognition

I just received the best compliment! I’m so flattered. I phoned over to the Steel Bear Deli for my favourite breakfast sandwich (egg, ham, English muffin, salt and pepper on an English muffin). The Steele Bear Deli is a wee deli/grocery shop just off the 101 (Pengrove exit in Petaluma) and within walking distance from my work. I haven’t actually phoned over there for over a month or so. I guess I’ve been eating my breakfasts at home. Anyway, I phone over to order. They take my name and say it will be ready in 5 minutes.

I walk over to get my sandwich. As I enter the deli, two people are talking about that voice. The fellow is saying: You know who she is. They look up and realize I’m there. The lady says: Oh. I love your voice. When you call on the phone. It’s so sweet. And sexy. Then they guy says: Yeah. Everybody knows Jennifer’s voice on the phone.

I am so flattered. I thought I was just another anonymous customer. I am flattered that they know who I am when I come in AND they recognize my voice on the phone. I’m not sure how to take the compliment from the lady, but, since I’m not getting many compliments now a days, I’ll take ’em where I can get ’em.

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