What do you do with a doily?

A few days ago, my friend writes to me:

“WTF do I do with a doily?

I was given a crocheted doily, and so I gracefully accepted it with thanks. That was a few years ago. Now, I’m doing a big purge. And, I’m wondering who the hell wants a doily? Who buys these things? Who uses them? Why were paper ones invented? And, when?

I can’t even sell this doily on ebay – there’s one up there for .99 cents + free shipping, and people aren’t buying.

Any suggestions for what to do with a doily? Apart from donating it to charity?

I googled “doily history” and struggled to keep myself awake. Even the history of the doily is BOOOOORRRRINGGGGG!!!!”

I wrote back:

“Ha ha ha ha ha….

I inherited TWO doilies from my grandmother. I don’t know what to do with them either. I just keep putting them in my sock drawer because I am afraid to throw them away–because they were my grandmother’s.

I am with you though: WTF do you do with a doily?”

Today she wrote back. Apparently her husband is turning 50 this year. She was wondering if he would choose between regular fitness classes or fitness classes for those 50+. Or when he would consider asking for a senior’s discount. (I don’t imagine this conversation was going well). But she tried to flatter him by saying he would “would lead hearts to flutter amongst the blue-haired set”–which then led her think of a solution for her doily:

“So, I now have an idea–albeit inappropriate. So, if you’re feeling prudish – don’t read further.

Doily use: Pasty in role playing sex games
Required: 1 doily and 1 blue-haired old lady wig

Whisper, “I’m wearing nothing but a doily”


What do YOU do with a doily?

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  1. a doily is like a place mat useful for placing cups and mugs and plates and cutlery

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Welcome to my blog. I would guess the doily is useful for protecting surfaces from scratches, liquids, and other damage.

    ….do you use them?

  3. I have no clue about doilies, I gave away all the ones I was given as wedding presents!

    But what I want to know is where are you!! No blogging in nearly a month!

  4. I agree with Kara. Where are you? Update your blog or I’m calling your mum.

    i stack my doilies and use them to strain soup stock. I also use them to press flowers between book pages. I find the doilies allow just enough air to the otherwise wilting flowers, helping to preserve them a bit better so that I can make my own greeting cards.

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