Le verre de l’amitié

Date:     1960 – 1969. Lieu:    St-Luc, Anniviers. Source:  http://www.notrehistoire.ch There are so many things to like about this picture. The first thing which drew me to it was the title: “Le verre de l’amitié”. Which translates to English as: “A glass of friendship”. A glass of friendship! Isn’t that exactly what you should […]

Simply wine chez Domaine Piccard

I arrive in my car and try to park without disturbing the car traffic or foot traffic at Domain Piccard. Jean-Christophe Piccard is sitting on his step tying his boot lace. “Vous êtes arrivée au bon endroit?” Are you in the right place? he asks me. I remind him I made an appointment to interview […]

Humagne Blanc–Toute la nuit, toute la vie

Caprice du temps Humagne Blanc. A wine varietal native to Valais,Switzerland, my father-in-law–Hughes Clavien–is renowned for his rendition of this wine. It also happens to be his favourite and he is often heard saying: “Humange Blanc: toute la nuit, toute la vie!” (Humange Blanc: all night long, all life long). We often drink this wine […]

Cuvée Romaine — full of vivacity and persistence!

The first wine I would like to introduce to you from Domain Caprice du Temps is Cuvée Romaine (a direct translation of the name is: Vintage Romaine). I like that translation. I find it very appropriate. It is named for my mother-in-law. And she is definitely quality. This wine is a wine you will find […]

Vins du Valais, Caves Ouvertes

Mark your calendar folks… 14, 15, and 16 May 2015. Domaine Cave Caprice du Temps will have their entire cellar available for tasting. 19 wines from their menu…and may a few special ones. Almost 50% of their production are indigenous Swiss varietals: ‪#‎petitearvine‬, ‪#‎cornalin‬, ‪#‎humaneblanc‬, #humagnerouge…we have this #päen (Savignon blanc) that is so lovely and […]

Wine of the week: Caprice du Temps Ermitage (Canal 9 in Valais)

They’ve just reviewed one of my in-law’s wine on Canal 9 in Valais: Cave Caprice du Temps, Ermitage. Some quotes from the review: “Good wine doesn’t need to be talked about.” and “This wine reflects the face of the place and the heart of the winemaker.” (Roughly translated). Here is a link to the write […]