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McCrae Family Reunion (and more!)

Well, this was going to be a blog entry about the spontaneous McCrae reunioun we had over the Christmas Holidays, but I can’t find my pictures. I’m annoyed. I usually don’t lose my pictures. When I went back to the Yukon this Christmas, I phoned my friend Yvonne. We arranged to have lunch at the new Boston Pizza. (Most Yukoner’s won’t think Boston Pizza is new, but it is to me!). I brought my family, (Mum, Dad, my sister, and her husband) and Yvonne brought hers (aka ~ McCrae). Her dad (George Chan) was visiting. Janet and Edson (who now own the North Dragon Restaurant on Second Avenue). When I worked at McCrae, Edson and Lok were the cooks. Edson married Janet in the late 80s and had two children: Leanne and Alex. After many years abroad, Lok returned to the Yukon and is now working for Edson and Janet.

So, we had a little reunion at the Boston Pizza. I only have this picture (but I know I took more).

The people in the picture (from left to right are: Ken Burke (my dad), George Chan (Yvonne’s dad), Lok ??? (I’m embarrassed I don’t know his last name), and Ryan Arey. Ryan worked at McCrae long after I left.

After we all ate at Boston Pizza, Yvonne said she was having a tobogganing party. I went along for the ride (quite literally). I finally met Leanne (weirdly enough, I had gone tobogganing with her over 17 years before when she was still in her mother’s tummy!). I met Alex, LeAnne’s younger brother. I also met Tim, Pam, and Bev… (Yvonne’s CBC family). Yvonne worked at CBC Yukon for a number of years before trying something new in 1999.

So, although I don’t have the pictures from the McCrae family reunion, I do have pictures of us tobogganing that evening. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Tobogganning with the

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  1. Ah, I see that the quote at the top of the blog page changes with every refresh. The only reason I even brought up “loose” was because it appeared erroneously both in the posting and in the quote. (Something about someone “loosing” her head, I believe.”

    Okay, I know you’re really gonna hate me now…